How to Welcome Success in 2015

2015 Marketing Planning Calendar
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Believe it or not we’re at another January. This is usually the time when many people

make resolutions on everything from loosing weight to better organization. But do you ever include your business in those resolutions?

One sure shot way to set you on a path for success is to setup a plan. Think of all the marketing possibilities there are with today’s technology. Which worked well before? Which would you like to try? Take some time to carefully chart them out.

To help, I’ve developed a 2015 Marketing Planning Calendar for you to download and get started. (Excel format)

Have a nonprofit? I found this great fundraising planning template* to help you chart a successful fundraising year. (Also in Excel format)

Make a resolution to take hold of your success…. and put it on paper! (or your mobile device).

Looking forward to hearing your success story.
Happy planning.


*Fundraising template was found on